Transport to your trip start in Pontedera, and from your trip end in Figline Valdarno.

Arrival and departure airports: Pisa (PSA) - ideal, Firenze (FIR) - less ideal.

Rome (FCO) also works, but involves a 4 hour train journey and 2 changes. Ask us for details.

Trip start: Generally the trip starts on Sunday morning in Pontedera Casciana Terme. You should think about arriving in Pontedera Saturday afternoon or the day before you start riding.

Firenze to Pontedera  (by train).

Train connections from Firenze SMN. (Florence main station) to Pontedera Casciana Terme:

  • 4 trains an hour on Saturday afternoon. 60 minute journey.
  • 2 trains an hour on Sunday morning. 60 minute journey.

Note: There is no train from Firenze (FIR) airport to Firenze SMN. This is a 15 minute taxi ride.

Pisa Aeroporto to Pisa Centrale (by train):

There is a new people mover (a mini metro) called the "Pisa Mover." Departs every 5 - 8 minutes and arrives on track 14 in Pisa Centrale (the main Pisa station). Trip time is 5 minutes.

Pisa Centrale to Pontedera (by train):

Train connections from Pisa Centrale (Pisa Main Station) to Pontedera Casciana Terme:

  • 2 trains an hour on Saturday and Sunday. Journey time is 15 minutes.

On prior arrangement TTT will pick you and your group up at either of the airports and drive you to your hotel in Pontedera (extra charges apply). 

Trip end: The trip ends on Friday afternoon in Figline Valdarno which is just south of Firenze on the main North/South rail line.

Train connections from Figline Valdarno:

Figline Valdarno to Firenze SMN. Twice an hour and takes 30 - 50 minutes depending on which train.

Figline Valdarno to Roma Termini (Rome Main Station): Twice an hour and takes 2h17 - 3h27 minutes depending on which train and if there is a train strike. ;-)

Send us an e.mail if you have any questions.