Bike Sizing

In order to get the right bike for you we need your exact height in centimeters or inches. If you have a bike at home, get it measured at your local bike shop and send that info along too. We can do minor modifications to bikes free of charge, but anything involved, the charges are passed on to you, and they can add up rapidly.

We cannot duplicate your own bike, but we will do our best to get one that fits you.

Your height is …

155cms - 170cms = Small Frame

168cms - 180cms = Medium Frame

178cms - 188cms = Large Frame

186cms ++ = Xtra Large Frame 

If your height is right on the limit of a frame change (e.g. 169cms), what size of bike should you order? Well, a small frame can be stretched out a little, but a medium frame cannot be shrunk. It also depends on your inseam and arm length. Stubby legs (sorry) need a smaller frame. Talk with your bike shop first and then us.