Our Bikes

TTT owns a small stable of bikes (kept in our garage at home) that we use on our trips. All the other bikes that we use are rented from a local reputable bike shop near your trip start. Some of these shops we have used for many years.

What this means?

- Lower trip price for you, because we do not own, nor store hundreds of bikes in rented garages in France and Italy.

- We rent only when needed, so you get a lower trip price.

- During some of our trips you can change bike styles mid week (extra charges apply). E-Bike for Ventoux anyone? NOBODY else offers this!

Scott Speedster 40 Aluminium road frame (pictured above) with two water bottle cages and carbon forks. Available on Leisure and Hilly trips only. Comes in two sizes: M, L. Weight 9.2kgs. Triple. Front 30/39/50, rear 12 x 30, 27 speeds. Pedals: Comes with your choice of flat pedals or Shimano SPD’s (no toe cages or straps). 

Other aluminium frames that we need during a trip are rented locally as we mentioned. So, the brand and gearing really depends on the availability in the region of your trip. These days it is near impossible to find a bike with a triple, as a compact set-up is the future. Speaking of the future, wait till you see what is coming in E-Bikes! We can send you a mail with your bike's details if you wish. 

Full Carbon road (racing) frame with a water bottle cage and carbon forks. Comes in four sizes: S, M, L, XL. Weight 8.2kgs Compact, Front 34 x 50, rear 12 x 32 with 20 speeds. Pedals: Comes with your choice of flat pedals or Shimano SPD's (no toe cages or straps).

Carbon frame adds 275€ per 5 day week. 


Aluminium Hybrid frame with one water bottle cage. Comes in four sizes: S, M, L and XL. Weight 10.5kgs Triple, Front 30/39/50, rear 12 x 25 with 24 speeds. Pedals: Comes with your choice of flat pedals or Shimano SPD’s (no toe cages or straps).

E-Bike with flat handlebars, aluminium frame and front suspension. Disc brakes. Three sizes: S, M, L. Weight 23 kgs. Pedals: Comes with your choice of flat pedals (no toe cages or straps) or Shimano SPD’s.

E-Bike adds 275€ per 5 day week.

New in 2018 and available for French and Tuscany trips only. A racing frame E-Bike! It doesn't come cheap, but what a ride. Aluminium frame and forks with a 22 speed transmission. Disc brakes. These are in extremely high demand so availability is limited. Sizes S, M and L.

This E-Bike adds 375€ per 5 day week


E-Bikes are not motorcycles … nice try. These bikes have what is called `Pedal Assist.´ This means that YOU must pedal the bike or it stops. Ask us for more info as these are a great idea for couples that ride at different speeds or allows a leisure cyclist to ride with a fast group up Ventoux or in the Tuscan hills. It feels like someone is pushing you all week long.

That'll get some of you thinking.

Send us a mail if you have any questions about your TTT bike.