Shimano Pedals: Please be proficient at using this type of pedal. Your bike trip in (fill in the blank) is not the wisest place to learn the "ins and outs" (pun intended) of this type of pedal. We have many stories on this topic and you definitely do not want to be added to the list.

Pictured below are the Shimano pedals that we can provide.


Saddle (Bike seat): If you wish, bring your own saddle. As a matter of fact, please bring your own saddle. You know that it fits YOU. Ours may not feel so comfy but that’s not saying that ours are bad. Saddles are like shoes, they have to fit you. If you are bringing your own saddle please bring only the saddle, not the seat post.


Helmets: Must be worn at all times while riding with TTT (insurance reasons). We do not provide rental helmets (except for day trips). A bike helmet must fit your head perfectly in order to provide adequate protection in case of a fall. Rental helmets may fall short of this requirement. Your Mother would agree.


Some of you ask for a handle bar bag. They are great for carrying a camera and extra clothing for sure. But they cannot be installed on all bikes, due to the brake and gear cables on the handle bars. Most of our guests use a small lightweight back pack.

All of our bikes come with a spare tube, patch kit and tire levers. We supply the C02 cartridges and you supply the chuck. The support van has all the tools, pumps, tubes and tires that we (or you) can possible need in a year of riding.

None of our bikes are equipped with lights. If you wish to bring your own, please do so. On our Expert trips this is a requirement mainly due to riding in dark tunnels. It's actually a really good idea to bring a front and rear light any way you look at it.