GPS devices are strongly advised for our Expert and Hilly trips. The devices are not necessary for our Leisure trips.

At TTT we do not insist that our clients ride in a clump; meaning the fast and slow riders all together in a 5 kilometer long, stretched-out group. This causes nothing but stress for the slow riders and impatience for the faster group.

We provide our riders with a custom map with ride profiles as well as a down-loadable route for your own GPS device. Meaning that you can ride by yourself. By prior arrangement we can also provide written “turn by turn” directions also.

Ideally, for complete independence, you should have a GPS device and be well versed in its use. This gives you the freedom to ride at your pace and the distances that you want. During our leisure trips however, the group follows the guide, as this simplifies your navigation and the ride is much more of a social affair. Because our trips are created for small harmonious groups, we tend to have riders of a similar speed on each trip, and bear in mind that none of our trips are a "race.” Plus, we have our support vehicle always nearby. See our section on E-Bikes if you or people in your group have differing speeds.

Riders in diverse groups who want to ride faster or cover more distance than the core group can do so. But you will be for the most part, riding unsupported and self - navigating with your Garmin or one of our custom maps. Our leisure trips have guided ride extensions that occur after the core group reaches the hotel.

If you have never used a GPS device on your bike and wish to purchase a device, give us a call, as we can help you sort through the jungle of devices that are out there. Then we can help you learn to use your device before your trip. One of the best sites that explains everything that you ever wanted to know about a Garmin is here.