Cancellation Policy

If Two Tyred Tours cancels a trip:

In the unlikely event that Two Tyred Tours does cancel a trip, all tour payments received to date will be refunded. This will constitute a full settlement.

If you cancel a trip:

Two Tyred Tours will adhere to the following cancellation policy as set out below:

5% of the total trip price is non-refundable to reflect administration costs and non-refundable hotel bookings.

More than 91 days from trip start date  ...  95% refund

61 to 90 days from trip start date...  70% refund

31 to 60 days from trip start date...  40% refund

Less than 30 days from trip start date...  No refund

Bike Cancellation Policy

If you rent a bike from us and then cancel the bike rental with Two Tyred Tours we must impose a surcharge of 50€ per bike cancelled. Some bikes that we use are rented from other suppliers close to your trip start and they charge us the 50€.