Gorgeous Gorges and Provence

250 - 450kms  ❖   7,000 - 11,000m   ❖   7 nights/6 days   ❖   From 2290€ pp

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We recently had a request which combined two of our favourite trips. Here is the result! You get three days of car-free rides in the "back and beyond" Gorges of this hidden, unknown region. We are still not saying where it is either. At the end of day three we take a short van ride to your next destination in Provence; Bedoin at the foot of Mont Ventoux. This itinerary is our only trip that involves a van transfer mid-week. Next up you have three days of sublime riding in one of France's best regions for cycling. There is a lot more to Bedoin than just Mont Ventoux; the surrounding area has some stunning and scenic rolling roads with minimal traffic, just perfect for intermediate/leisure cyclists and experts alike.

This trip is definitely not for the faint of heart as the roads in the Gorges are quite narrow with steep drop-offs, switchbacks, dark, unlit tunnels and over-hanging rock walls. 

Every day there are longer or shorter rides available. All of the rides in the Gorges take us into the middle of nowhere, so chances of having a sit-down lunch option are slim. The rare village that we cycle through, might have a goat. That's not enough. So, included in the trip price are daily snacks and drinks. Once we arrive in Provence the lunch options really open up.

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Ride Difficulty 7-8/10

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