+/-400kms   ❖   +/-8,600m   ❖   6 nights/7 Days   ❖   From 2995€ pp.

In a word, amazing! 

First of all the island is split in half by the Serra di Tramuntana mountains which are in the north, and run east to west, as does our trip. All the beaches and the sun-burned tourists are in the south and they will never set foot (let alone pedal) in the hilly north. Southern Majorca is busy; the beaches and the airport Palma di Majorca (PMI), that is. The airport PMI is the 19th busiest airport in all of Europe and 95% of the visitors stay in the flatter south. 

The island’s best riding is not flat at all, the areas that are flat have all the golf courses, big hotel and time share complexes with all the traffic. We avoid those entirely. The Serra di Tramuntana has some incredibly smooth asphalt and extremely courteous drivers to make your riding a treat. The island’s climate can be described as perfect for cycling. Lots of warm cloudless days. Two weeks here sounds better.

April, May, September and October are the perfect months to ride here as June, July and August will be too oppressively hot for cycling.

Gallery here.

Ride Difficultly 7/10: Northern Majorca is hilly (but, it's definitely not the Alps) and gets +/-300 day of sunshine per year. So just about whenever you go, it’s going to be warm, which can make the riding more difficult if you do not handle heat well. As stated, our trip is in the north and not one day is flat or even rolling. We ride in the Tramontana Mountains which should be self explanatory. The rides are not long but can be - if you wish to add distance and vertical. The climbing is reasonable too; the grades average 5 - 8%. If you hate hills, this is not the trip for you. If you love hills and warm weather, twice a year is just fine!


Day 1: Arrive in Palma di Majorca Airport (PMI) where TTT will pick you up and drive you to your first night’s hotel in Pollença near the north eastern tip of the island. Transfer time is roughly 45 minutes.

Day 2: Pollença Loop. Leave Pollença and ride out to the Cap de Formentor, a 50k (1000m) stunning ride to get your juices flowing. Built in the 30’s by the Spanish road engineer Antonio Parietti, you will marvel at his design. New asphalt laid in 2015, this ride is sweet and will leave you speechless. 50 - 75kms

Day 3: Pollença to Fornalutx. Today we ride THE most famous road in Majorca; Sa Calobra! This is another gem built by Mr. Parietti. Built in 1932 without the aid of machinery, this road is a cyclist's dream. Built to avoid the need for tunnels, the road has around 50 curves, mainly switchbacks. After your descent you can climb back up, or you can take a boat from the port at the bottom to the Port at Sóller. From the Port de Sóller it is a 12k ride on a gentle uphill grade through orange groves to our hotel in Fornalutx. 58 - 90kms

A word about Sa Calobra (photo at top): Every tour bus on the island goes here. It is best ridden early or late in the day. It is this road where you will meet all the traffic in Majorca.


Day 4: Fornalutx Loop. Lots of climbing if you wish or an easier day down at the beach in Port de Sóller. Plenty of options. The BIG ride today is 100+k and 2500m of climbing or you can just sit by the pool and suck on the local oranges. 0 - 100kms


Day 5: Fornalutx to Valdemossa. The base route is only 27kms but you can extend this to 65kms and 1500m. The rides are, as usual, stunning. We stop in the beautiful town of Deia for a café. When you arrive in Valdemossa you will think that you are in a tourist trap, but by 5pm the town is empty as everyone has departed on their "diesel fume spewing busses" to go back to their beach front resorts in the south. Peace and quiet. 27 - 65kms

Day 6: Valdemossa to Es Capdella. If today’s ride does not blow you away with scenery, road quality and just overall beauty, nothing will. This is it. You will not find a better ride on this planet!    50 - 80kms

Day 7: Es Capdella to Fornalutx /Sóller. Another day that is well beyond good. We start by riding to Es Capdella then two short and sweet climbs to a unique lush, spring fed area. Finally up and over the Sóller Pass. Make sure you stop and say hi to Paula and Damian at the fantastic Ca’ Topa café at the top and sample one of their “cyclist milkshakes.” Then descend all the way down to Sóller on the twisty mountain road.

You may see two cars. Sorry.

Sadly, your trip ends upon arrival in Sóller/Fornalutx. TTT provides a group transfer to your hotel in Palma di Majorca. 40 - 100kms

Day 8 (optional): We can (and you should) add one more day to your Majorcan adventure. Today we ride from Sóller/Fornalutx back to Pollença, giving you one more crack at Sa Calobra. 50 - 75kms