200 - 450kms ❖ 2000m - 5000m ❖ 5 nights - 6 days riding ❖ from 2200€ pp.

Burgundy is another beautiful area in France and a leisure cyclist’s dream, not to mention the food and the wine is a dream for anyone! TTT’s Burgundy is divided into two regions; Côtes de Nuits and the Côtes de Beaune, and you explore both. Our cycle route takes us on many vineyard roads, from Nuits St. George to and through the wine villages of Beaune and Meursault, then back to Dijon via the Canal de Bourgogne. We have some extraordinary rides planned for you. The names of the villages that you ride through sounds like a Carte des Vins from a Michelin starred restaurant; Aloxe Corton, Pommard, Santenay, Pernand-Vergelesses, and many more.

We have at least one wine and one cheese tasting booked for you during the week. But the riding is so good you will find that there are just not enough hours in the day to do more. There is plenty of time in the evenings for your grape juice sampling.

Ride Difficulty 4-5/10: The riding is easy to moderate. Moderate because there are hills, and we do head up into these little hills to have some fun. There is of course the option to stay down low and keep the climbing to a minimum, however this will limit your riding. The rolling, signed vineyard routes in the valley floor are nice, but not very long, and they can be busy with other cyclists and vineyard vehicles. There is a major “Bike Route” project due for completion in 2020 which will extend the vineyard routes.

Gallery here.

Day 1. Arrive in Dijon Gare in the morning. TTT will meet you there (or at your Dijon hotel) and drive you to Nuits Saint George, your home for two nights. A short afternoon loop to a fantastic lunch and a wine tasting. 30 - 70kms

Day 2. Today’s ride is a beautiful pedal through the vineyards from Nuits St. George up into the hills, aka. the Haute Côtes de Nuits. Many route options today to keep you busy, and we also have a little Gorge for you to ride if you have the legs. 55 - 85kms

Day 3. We depart Nuits and ride to the exceptional village of Meursault, via Savigny-les-Beaune and Beaune itself. Today, the riding is kept short so you can get your fill of Beaune. A visit to the Hospices de Beaune is a must, as is our cheese tasting. Some of Burgundy’s best restaurants can be found here as well. Your hotel is only 8k away so you have plenty of time to explore Beaune. 35 - 70kms

Day 4 Today is possibly the ride of the week. You are now in the Côtes de Beaune, which has a different feel from where you rode yesterday. We backtrack towards Beaune but head up into those golden hills for some stunning riding. Many route options as usual with TTT, but we do have our favourite loops, and this long loop is in the top 10. Today we also visit the world famous Chateau de Rochepot for a snack, a glass and a romp around the chateau. 50 - 90kms

Day 5 Your second day in the Côte de Beaune sends you higher again, this time up to Nolay, in the Haute Côtes de Beaune, then back down to Chagny for some flat (finally?) canal-side riding. You will pass twice through the fabulous wine villages of Santenay, Chassage-Montrachet and Puligny-Montrachet in case you are in dire need of some highly sought after grape juice.

55 - 75+kms

Day 6 Final day in this fantastic region. One little bump to ride over then it’s downhill or flat all the way to Dijon and the trip end. For those of you that have not spent all of your spare cash on wine, there is quite the (optional) lunch restaurant if you wish. Not Michelin starred as of 2018, but French Cuisine at it’s best. Upon your arrival in the outskirts of Dijon, your TTT trip is unfortunately at an end. We will then transport you to either the train station or to your local Dijon hotel. 50 - 75kms