The Ardeche

200 - 400kms ❖ 3000m - 5000m ❖ 5 nights/6 days ❖ from 2200€ pp.

The Ardeche is really an unknown entity in the cycling world. The locals love it. The Tour de France rarely visits the region and usually only in the touristy areas of the Ardeche. We, on the other hand, ride here a lot, and we know where to go to avoid the tourists. Trips during July and August should be avoided as the heat can be a bit much. Late May, June, September and early October are ideal. The areas that we ride in are remote, hence a sit-down lunch in a restaurant may not happen, so we must pack our lunches. Did we mention the heavy traffic? See top photo for confirmation.

Ride Difficulty 5-7/10: The Ardeche week can be described as moderate to a little demanding, depending on where you normally ride and your training. The name of the area is the Regional Parc Monts d’Ardeche. Nothing is flat here. Having said that, nothing is really that difficult either, as long as you like climbing gentle hills. Climbs on average can be 12+ kms and gain 500m. The biggest day has an (optional) 16k climb at 5.4%. Like we said, easy, (some of you may disagree with this statement).

Gallery here.


Day 1: Meet your guide at the Valence TGV station at 11h00 for the 60 minute transfer to your home for three nights in les Ollièrs-sur-Eyrieux (Northern Ardeche). Have a quick snack then head off for a loop ride. Options galore. 30 - 80kms

Day 2: Beautiful loop ride up a peaceful valley then down another stunner of a ridge, then ride to St. Sauveur de Montagut. Sample a glass (or 2) of the local grape before heading home to the Pool and Jacuzzi. Or … tack on another 30k? 45 - 85+kms

Day 3: We hate to sound repetitive, but today is yet another beautiful loop ride up another quiet valley. Then down another scenic ridge on what seems like a wide bike path, but it’s actually a road for 5 farmers. You will be lucky if you see them, or anyone else for that matter. 40 - 80+ kms

Day 4: Today we ride in to the Southern Ardeche and the town of Vals les Bains. Up and over the Col de Sarasset (834m) and down the gorgeous road to Vals Les Bains, where we spend 2 nights. Vals has a famous ice cream factory btw; one of their flavours is Foie Gras! 60 - 90kms

Day 5:

Today can be the biggest day of the week or you can ride something easier if you wish. You can take on the Col de la Croix de Bauzon (1308m) or stay lower and ride our beautiful traffic-free roads again. Either way, you have another day in a biking paradise. 50 - 90kms


Day 6: A short loop ride around Vals les Bains (then a 2 hour van transfer to Avignon) or a 40km bike ride to Privas, (then a 90 minute van transfer to Avignon), where your Ardeche trip ends.

Those of you with the where-with-all may want to have a prolonged trip with TTT. We have at least another 5 days of riding here (including 3 more days from the first hotel and 3 more from the second!). We know that you will be wishing that you took this option when you signed up.

Discounts available. ;-)