Andermatt Loops

218kms   ❖   6647m   ❖   3 Nights/4 Days ❖   From 1150€

This three day trip takes in five of the Iconic Swiss Alpine passes and climbs in the Alps. The trip is based out of Andermatt, Switzerland, where we spend three nights. The Furka, Grimsel and Susten Passes are a natural cyclists loop, taking in three of Switzerland’s amazing high passes in one ride (a big one though!). The second day has us riding to the Gotthard summit via the Furka (again) and Nufenen Pass. From the Nufenen summit it's a long 23 k downhill to Italian speaking Airolo and it is here that you start your climb on the world famous Tremola Strasse to the Gotthard Pass summit.

The Tremola Strasse was completed in 1832 and is still cobbled for the last 5 kms. You’ve probably seen this road before as the Tremola has been featured in many Tour de Suisse races.

Food for thought - these roads are extremely popular with Germans, Dutch, Swedes and anybody else from Northern Europe heading south to Italy. The roads are full of cars, camper vans and motorcycles, so your trip timing is key. Words of advice, never ride here on a weekend and avoid July and August if you can. It’s motorcycle hell.

Gallery here.

Ride Difficulty 10/10: In a word tough, very tough. And that’s why we have a well equipped support van which can take your extra clothing and food. You will need winter gear for some of the downhills as the temperature at the summits can be near freezing, even in the summer! This can be your “best day on a bike” as one of our clients once said, or, maybe it won't. Also you must be very “climbing fit” and plenty of training goes a long way if you want to do this tour. See below for more of the gory details.

Day 1: We start off by riding from Andermatt to the Furka Pass (2431m), then descending on some great asphalt and beautiful overhanging switchbacks down to Gletch. Next up, the short climb to the Grimsel Pass and the summit next to the Totensee at 2165m. Descend 27kms down to Innertkirchen and a well deserved lunch, then start the massive climb to the summit of the amazing Susten Pass at 2224m. One of the best downhills from here all the way to Wassen where your ride ends. Those of you who want a little more can climb to Göschenen and take the train to Andermatt. 110kms and 3310m.

There is a five year construction project underway from Göschenen to Andermatt in the area called the Schöllenenschluct and Teufelsbrücke, hence bikes are not allowed on the roadway until 2019. Take the train or our van to Andermatt for a rewarding beer after an outstanding day riding one of the world’s best loops!.

Day 2: Andermatt to the Gotthard summit via the Nufenen and Tremola. You start off by ascending the Furka once again, then descending all the way down the Furka’s west ramp to Ulrichen, which is at the base of the massive Nufenen. 14kms later you arrive at the top of the highest pass within Swiss borders at 2478m. Then descend down to Airolo and climb the cobbled Tremola. A quick pause at the top and you have the choice of descending on a few more cobbles or with traffic and on a smoother surface all the way to Andermatt. 3186m of climbing and 105km.